St Nicholas of Myra is a Catholic learning community located in the CBD of Penrith.

How to enrol

The policy of the Diocese of Parramatta allows children to start school in the year they turn five before July 31st.

Applications for all classes can be lodged at the school office at any time.

Applications for Kindergarten enrolments are accepted in February and interviews commence in March.

Interviews are held for all applicants. Interviews will be arranged by phone or letter at a mutually agreeable time with the principal or assistant principal. A tour of the school can be arranged at the time of interview.

After applications have been processed an information evening and orientation morning is held in November each year for Kindergarten enrolments.

Before lodging an application, you will need:

  • a photo of the applicant
  • a certified copy of Australian Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship Certificate or Residency
  • a certified copy of Baptism Certificate
  • a certified copy of immunization record.

Please note: Copies can be certified at the school by enrolment personnel.

Enrolment Forms

All applicants are informed in writing regarding the acceptance of their child into the school.
Enrolment Instructions
Enrolment Form A
Enrolment Form B
Enrolment Form C

Further Information

For further information contact the school office.


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