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Diocesan School Fees

As in previous years, the school fees will be stated as an annual levy to be charged as equal amounts in the first three terms of the year, as set out by the Catholic Education Office. 

 Per Year:                      1st Child                    2nd Child                    3rd Child                    
 Kindergarten  $1131.00  $849.00  $567.00
Years 1-6   $1461.00  $1095.00  $732.00
 Per Term:    1st Child         2nd Child    3rd Child     
 Kindergarten  $377.00  $283.00   $189.00
 Years 1-6  $487.00  $365.00  $244.00


As in previous years, where a family has four or more children attending Catholic schools and the fourth and subsequent children attend a parish or regional school they will be educated without charge to parents. The application of fees for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd child will be done strictly on chronological age irrespective of the type of Catholic school (systemic or non-systemic, Diocese of Parramatta or another diocese) the children attend. School fees will be billed in Terms 1, 2, and 3.

In cases where more than one child in a family attends the same school, one fee account may be prepared for the family, naming the children involved and showing the total of the fees payable as one amount.

Diocesan school building levy

The Diocesan School Building Levy for 2017 is $756.00 per annum for the first child attending a systemic school. The Levy will be billed in Terms 1, 2, and 3 at $252.00 per term.

School-Based fees

In addition to the above fees, St Nicholas of Myra has its own set of school-based fees for a range of purposes.

Fee Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Description
School resource fee (per chilld, per year-billed in Term 1) $154.50 This covers standard exercise books, texts, art/craft materials etc. used in the classroom, library resources and computer equipment.
Cleaning and maintenance fee (per family, per year-billed in Term 1) $61.80
Incursion/excursion fee (per child) $25.75 $25.75 $25.75 The covers sporting tuition, sports carnivals, Education Week presenters and Life Education.
Extracurricular Fee $22 $22 $22
Swimming Programme (per child) $41.20 $41.20 $41.20
Technology Fee $20.60 $20.60 $20.60

Please note: 
Additional class excursions and camps are not included in this fee.

Receipt issue

Receipts are given to your child in the afternoon via the classroom message bags. Please check your child’s school bag for these.

For more information on school fees in the Diocesce of Parramatta please visit

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