On Tuesday, 18 December, St Nicholas of Myra held the 2018 Swimming Carnival.
Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 participated in the St Nicholas of Myra 2018 swim school program at Nepean Aquatic Centre.
Year 4 and 5 students took part in the 2019 Stage 3 Leadership Day. Students worked in teams to problem solve through a range of tasks with a focus on the skills needed to be active leaders at St Nicholas in 2019.
On Friday 16 November 2018, Kindergarten students took part in a Billycart Incursion as part of their Science and Technology unit 'On the Move'.
St Nicholas of Myra kindergarten students composed letters to Santa and posted them at the local post office. They were able to post the letters themselves and now eagerly await a reply from jolly old St Nic.
On Wednesday 7 November, students from stages 2 and 3 represented St Nicholas at the 2018 Basketball Gala Day.